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    Achievements in Teachers' Education

    Remain True to the Original Aspiration to Serve the Country and Steadfastly Pursue China's National Educational Mission

    In the 35 years since China's National Teacher's Day was established in 1985, the country's teaching workforce has experienced radical change. This has been especially true in the years following the 18th CPC National Congress, during which the MOE introduced game-changing measures that have generated a historical remolding of the teaching profession...


    China's Teaching Force in Figures

    Total: 16.7285 million

    • Pre-school education: 2.5814 million
    • Compulsory education: 9.7309 million
    • Special education: 58,700
    • Upper Secondary education: 2.6482 million
    • Higher education: 1.6728 million
    Note:The graph is based on available data from the Statistical Report on China's Educational Achievements in 2018. Figures may not add up due to rounding.

    Role Model of the Time

    China Exemplary Educators 2019

    Jia Limin
    Principal of Liudaohe High School, Xinlong County, Hebei Province

    Pursuit of a Dream Deep amongst Mountains

    Jia Limin has devoted his career to teaching in the remote mountains of Heibei province. Despite challenging conditions, his commitment to empowering local communities through education has remained steadfast. He regularly visits student in their remote homes, traveling vast distances between communities isolated due to lack of roads. He is an example to other teachers showing that working in remote locations is not synonymous with isolation, and that on the contrary the role of teachers in such areas is all the more important to encourage these rural children to aspire to a better life.

    Xu Junze
    Teacher at Changzhi No.2 High School, Shanxin Province

    A Role Model for Youngsters

    Xu Junze has dedicated the last 23 years to education, spending almost every waking minute with his students. He believes that being a Party member means more responsibility to ensure the academic success of students, meet parent expectations and uphold a school's reputation. All Xu Junze's energy is channeled into imparting both knowledge and values, and maintaining healthy, resourceful classrooms through innovative management techniques.

    Feng Lirong
    Principal of Shanghai Soong Ching Ling School, and honorary headmaster of Soong Ching Ling Kindergarten

    Love Lights the Way

    “To be a successor to the educational cause of Madam Soong Ching Ling, you've got to be as compassionate as her,” said Feng Lirong, an ardent disciple of Madam Soong. Feng has been committed to “giving children the best start in life possible” and “providing the world's best education in support of the renaissance of the Chinese nation”, by imparting knowledge, and developing and inspiring young minds and hearts.

    Zhang Li
    Teacher at Qiyin School, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province

    Making a Difference for Hearing-impaired Children

    Zhang Li entered special education following graduation in pursuit of her ambition to work with children with special needs. Whilst being aware that teaching children with special needs could be a lonely profession, and that she might never be able to bask in the delight of seeing her students become something one day, Zhang Li was confident that she could help hearing-impaired children acquire knowledge, build confidence and resilience, and become independent individuals able to brave life’s challenges. She has never regretted her decision, and is happy that she is making a difference for her students.

    Gui Weihua
    CAE member and professor at CSU

    Juggling between Scientific Research and Teaching

    Gui Weihua wears a number of hats. In his role as a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, he has developed key technologies addressing resource, energy and environmental constraints to the development of China's non-ferrous metals industry. He also teaches as a professor at Central South University, helping produce a large number of outstanding graduates, with his respect for individuality, academic rigor, flexible teaching and structured guidance methods, and personal integrity.

    Fan Huili
    Director of Beihai Municipal Government Kindergarten of Guangxi Province

    Bringing Quality Preschool Education to a Remote Island

    Weizhou Island is a remote island off China's southwest coast in Guangxi Province. Suffering from poor connections to the mainland and limited access to resources and community services, until recently the island was unable to offer its children any preschool education. Fan Huili spent a number of years trying to change this situation, and founded the first public kindergarten on the island. After establishing the school, Fan Huili went on to develop a special pedagogical programme tailored to the special needs of children on the island.

    Li Linna
    Professor at Hainan College of Vocation & Technique

    A Trailblazer in Vocational Education

    Li Linna is an experienced and dedicated teacher at Hainan College of Vocation & Technique. She has taught and assisted many students who have then progressed to obtain laudable results in China's vocational competitions. She has also been a key campaigner for university–industry cooperation, and led her team to launch a non-profit scheme aimed at forging ties between college students and small and medium sized enterprises in Hainan Province.

    Gu Changhua
    Teacher at Tongren Polytechnic College

    A Pathfinder Dedicated to Agricultural Teaching

    Gu Changhua is an agricultural expert who researches pest control, cultivation of edible mushrooms, and flower farming. She began her teaching career 33 years ago and has inspired and assisted many students to become agricultural professionals. She is also the founder of a research team that provides advice to farmers growing edible mushrooms in Aozhai County, helping many local poor families lift themselves out of poverty.

    Teacher at Primary School of Xiede Town, Shuanghu County, Nagqu City, Tibet Autonomous Region

    A Loving and Caring Teacher for Tibetan Children

    Lamu teaches in a Tibetan primary school that sits at an altitude of over 5000 meters and is 560 kilometers away from the nearest city. Over the course of 13 years, she has overcome adversity and setbacks, whilst still ensuring local children receive the best possible education.

    Wang Zongli
    Professor at Northwest Normal University

    Watcher of Political Dynamics in Northwest China

    Wang Zongli is a devoted teacher with over 30 years of experience and is an expert in politics and Marxist theory. Born and raised in northwest China, he is deeply attached to his hometown, and has conducted various research projects into political issues affecting the region.

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